Music Design Showreel 2013

A Soundtrack for Escape Games and Exit Rooms

Title of Escape Game Exit Room Music PackThe world’s first dedicated Music Pack for Live Adventure Games

A few months ago a friend of mine started to run a real live escape game and asked me for some pieces of music that would nicely support the story of his exit rooms. So I went through my repertoire on AudioJungle and picked some cinematic soundtracks, which I thought would serve well as background for his escape rooms. At this time I just selected the music intuitively and did not think too much about the details of the games sequence.

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Howto find the best music for your Corporate Movie, Advertising or Business Presentation

As you work on a corporate video or advertising spot you will typically have a few opportunities from which you select the best according to your budget:

  • hire a composer to do something custom for you
  • use contemporary (pop) music and pay a collecting society as ASCAP, GEMA, etc.
  • search a royalty free or even creative commons library where you purchase a license for a single payment for your project

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